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It’s true we already live in a fairly connected world, surrounded by smart devices. The full potential lies in the ability of these devices to seamlessly communicate, making our lives easier, safer and more convenient.


ACTS: Automatic Control & Testing System

ACTS is an Automatic Control & Testing System which designed from TAIWAN, using SDN-like architecture to manage not only Test Equipment, Environments, Cases, Reports but also Test designer and Tester.

◆ Advantage:

(1) formalized test module: The traditional case designer was needed to full-understand both the protocol knowledge and the programming skill to build a qualified test case. ACTS solve this trade-off issue: each test step is presented by formalized nature language in the Web UI, which means the designer only needs to take the steps and combine it into a test case as a LEGO building block. The designer can more focus on the coverage and quality of the cases.

(2) centralized management: ACTS cloud core manages all the cases, topologies, reports, and provide more and more insight to enhance the quality of cases, testers, Device Under Tests. Customers can rapidly find the bugs, check the performances, and reproduce it in anytime.

(3) Test anywhere: ACTS provides various agents, the customer can choose the silent agent without fan noise, also can select the performance agent and generate 10G line-rate. In the future, there are more and more kinds of ACTS agents such as VM version, Embedded version, App version etc.

EC1200: 4G/5G C-RAN Emulator

EC1200 is the Emulator of C-RAN/NGFI, which is designed to emulate the interactive behaviors between a large number of user equipment (UEs) and CU-DU separation of 5G base stations. EC1200 could control the schedule of messages and generate the different data packet, including the registration and deregistration of IMSI and GUTI. Also, EC1200 could evaluate the efficacy of the core network by connecting the core network to the real world and emulating at least ten thousands of UEs. Moreover, the performance of the C-RAN could also be tested by EC1200 through deploying in different network topologies.

● Fulfill 3GPP Standard of 5G and NB-IoT

Establish the channel between the real world and core network. According to the 3GPP standard, EC1200 also can simulate the complete registration and deregistration procedure.

● Generate Large Amount of UEs/NB-IoTs

EC1200 can emulate the ten thousands of UEs and send TCP, UDP, ICMP data packet in one hardware.

● Emulate Environment of C-RAN

EC1200 splits the base station into CU and DU, which help to emulate the C-RAN environment of 5G by deploying on different kinds of EC1200 and establishing the connection of physical channel.