Today, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) held the conference about the development and test of 5G technology. The conference purposes to introduce and discuss the 5G technologies, specifications and related researches with Taiwan's companies. There are 6 experts from industry and academia are invited to take a speech, including the director of NCTU Network Benchmarking Lab, the vice director of NCTU Broadband Mobile Lab, the professor of NCTU computer science department, the Ph.D. of SDN Technology Center and the assistant manager of the SGS. Also, the conference invites the CEO of O'prueba Inc. which is the startup company about the network automation test in Taiwan. O'prueba Inc. has already collaborated with the international standard organization to provide the latest information of 5G. In the conference, the CEO said "Lab as a Service (LaaS)" is the keypoint which provide the agile, flexible and efficient environment for 5G testing. On the other hands, LaaS also plays important roles in the product quality controlling and the time to the market. The CEO of O'prueba Inc. has already more than ten years of experience in third-party certification. He committed his career life to change the network testing industry, promoting it to automation and intelligence.

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