• Commissioned Research/Training
    O'Prueba has participated in joint cooperation cases from government agencies, legal entities, OEMs, ODMs, and universities in Network Testing, Open Networking, SDN/NFV, 4G, 5G areas.
  • Test Services
    O'Prueba cooperates with NCTU-NBL which provides the third-party test services in Taiwan. Notice that NCTU-NBL is one of the OpenFlow Certification Lab of Open Network Foundation(ONF).
  • Test Tools
    O'Prueba provides various test tools to our customers such as ACTS for the L2, L3, SDN/NFV testing; EC1200 provides large numbers of UE/NB-IoT/DU Emulation and traffics; O'Prueba also provides embedded devices for LoRa/NB-IoT signal measurement.