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Control and Management of Multiple Sets of Same IP Address DUTs (Devices Under Test)

  1. The management port of the IP BOX is connected to the Control PC, supporting 1G RJ-45 connection.

  2. The management port of the IP BOX supports fixed IP settings.

  3. There are 8 test ports on the IP BOX connected to the DUT, through which instructions can be sent and test results can be returnedvia 8 sets of IP addresses on the Control PC.

    (IP addresses can be freely configured.)

    For example:

    Port 1:

    Port 2:


    Port 8:

  4. The test ports can connect to DUTs with any IP address, and the default test condition is all DUTs share the same IP.

  5. The IP BOX can have a built-in TFTP server, allowing each DUT to request file downloads from the TFTP server for DUT software updates.

  6. The IP BOX can also support multiple DUTs to connect to the external network in real-time through the Control PC.

  7. The IP BOX can also provide models with high port numbers, up to a maximum of 30.

IP BOX Architecture Diagram

IP BOX Architecture Diagram
  1. 8 independent Ethernet ports are available.

  2. Supports connection speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps.

  3. Provides a GUI for quickly configuring routing tables for IP and physical ports, suitable for automated testing frameworks in production lines.

  4. Provides TFTP Server, supporting the flashing of FW/SW.

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