SDR Introduction

Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a technology that provides general radio hardware to support different wireless application scenarios. It is different from the traditional use of dedicated hardware circuits which can only provide a single function. SDR provides an open and extensible technology. Compatible with hardware platforms, and use programmable modules such as DSP or FPGA to realize communication functions such as codec, signal modulation, and working frequency through software.

At the same time, 5G is also developing towards software and virtualization. O'Prueba Technology Inc. has followed up the technology development trend and implemented 5G communication functions software on the SDR platform, providing highly adjustable 5G UE and 5G gNB systems. A wide range of frequency bands and bandwidth are supported, and 5G communication functions can be updated in real time to comply with Release 16 and even future Release 17. We can provide SDR development consulting services and share the experience of developing radio solutions on the SDR platform

We use SDR to implement 5G UE, 5G gNB
We use SDR to implement 5G UE, 5G gNB