O-RAN Introduction

4G base stations can be mainly divided into base stations for public networks and smallcell. In the classification of 5G base stations, in addition to traditional base stations and small base stations, the Open Radio Access Network (ORAN, O-RAN) recently promoted by the world’s major telecom companies disassembles base stations based on their functions. It is divided into three main units: CU (Central Unit), DU (Distribution Unit), and RU (Radio Unit) to provide a complete 5G base station function. How to open the base station test specifications, test tools and test services to allow more combinations of different vendors between these split units to meet the needs of different enterprise private networks is one of the service contents of O'Prueba Technology Inc.. O'Prueba Technology Inc. provides 5G O-RAN testing and 5G O-RAN research.

O'Prueba Technology Inc. can help customers achieve:

  • Benchmark products that conform to the O-RAN architecture and understand the interoperability, performance, information security and stability of the architecture.
  • Assist in the planning and development of corresponding O-RAN test methods, and cooperate with customers to promote the results to the O-RAN standard organization.