MQTT Introduction

MQTT is a lightweight packet delivery/subscription protocol. Traditionally, when transferring byte streams via sockets, it is necessary to manage multiple socket connections, packet encryption and verification and connection interruptions. Therefore, O'Prueba Technology Inc. uses this protocol to centrally manage each client in the communication between ACTS Controller and Agent. It only needs to connect to the MQTT Broker to send information to each other, instead of managing the connection and transmission between multiple clients.

MQTT supports service clustering, TLS encryption, and user authentication to ensure service reliability, confidentiality and integrity. And provide QoS mechanism respectively:

  • QoS0 (only delivered once at most, but delivery is not guaranteed).
  • QoS1 (repeated transmission, but the receiving end may receive multiple transactions).
  • QoS2 (will be transmitted repeatedly, and it is guaranteed that the receiving end will only receive it once).

Therefore, O'Prueba Technology Inc. uses this protocol as the communication platform between ACTS Controller and Agent, and uses QoS2 to ensure the successful delivery of commands and results. In addition, after multiple MQTT Brokers form a cluster, it can also avoid communication interruption caused by a single Broker failure.

O'Prueba Technology Inc. can help customers achieve:

  • Use MQTT cluster to improve the efficiency and stability of service and client communication.
  • The MQTT protocol ensures that the packets can be delivered correctly.