DPDK Introduction

DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) is a set of development platforms and interfaces for rapid packet processing. It can be executed on Intel X86 or ARM platform.

In the X86 platform structure, the traditional way of processing packets is the central processing unit (CPU) interrupt, that is, the driver of NIC receives the packet and informs the CPU through interruption, and then it copies the data and delivers it to the protocol stack. When the amount of data is large, this method will generate a large number of CPU interrupts, making the CPU unable to execute other programs.

DPDK uses a polling method to implement the packet processing process: DPDK needs to load a supported NIC driver, which will not interrupt the CPU after receiving the packet, but will store the packet in memory through zero-copy technology. At this time, the application layer program can directly read the packet from the memory through the interface provided by DPDK.

This processing method saves the CPU interruption time and memory copy time, and provides a simple and efficient packet processing method to the application layer, making the development of network applications more convenient. But at the same time, because of the need to load more supported NIC drivers, it can only be developed in NIC that support network processing chips.

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