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O'Prueba Technology Inc. provides test tools including automated test platform ACTS and 5G systematic test solution ORANge

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Automation Control Test System(以下簡稱 ACTS)是一套由詮隼科技自行研發的自動化測試工具,實現在公有雲及私有雲上,以 SDN 的概念管控測試系統。​

  1. 遠端操控 Agent 及 Test Center。​
  2. 採用圖形方式顯示 、操作畫面不再使用繁雜命令列。​
  3. 測試步驟、項目、拓樸及專案就像積木一樣,不使用程式語言。​
  4. 遠端監控測試狀況及結果,並共享測試內容及結果。​
  5. 比對不同測試專案的測試結果,讓您輕而易舉就能清楚掌握測試專案執行結果的差異性。​

ACTS 整合自行開發的的測試設備,及兩大業界主流的封包產生器,組成一個一致性的測試報告,用於高效率的原因分析。​

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ORANge is a test tool for next-generation mobile communication networks. It emulates the environment and communication network components for various usage scenarios to include,

  • Performance Test
  • Field Test
  • Interoperability Test
  • Functionality Test
  • Security Test

In addition to other test solutions, we also provides ORANge 5G Analyzer, a 5G protocol analyzer, which provides content analysis of protocol packets and message transmissions to find out the root cause of behavior errors.