Test Services Introduction

O'Prueba provides standard test suites. Customer can entrust O'Prueba to perform test cases according to test requirements.

Test service Interoperability test suite Performance test suite Security test suite

5G Test service

Control plane connectivity

  • Core network
  • RAN
  • UE/mMTC

User Plane connectivity

  • Applications
  • MEC apps

Network slicing connectivity​

System capacity (UE/mMTC)

Single RAN capacity (UE/mMTC)

End-to-end application user experience

  • Pre-defined application
  • User-defined application

Latency measurement

  • End-to-end traffic
  • MEC application traffic

System overloading stress test

Security Assurance

  • Integrity
  • Cipher
  • Replay

EPC AAA security

Roaming security

OTA interface security

Test service Product Line Function test suite Performance test suite

Network Equipment   Test service


  • Edge Switch
  • POE Switch
  • Core Switch
  • Interface: RJ45 / SFP / SFP+ / QSFP
  • AP
  • 2.4G / 5G / WiFi6e

Network test

  • L4:TCP、UDP

OS test:Pica8 OS、SONiC OS..​

WEB APP test

Security test

Application test

  • Multi tenant
  • Real traffic
  • Pre-defined application
  • User-defined application

Throughput test

  • Wire speed
  • ​Long time
  • Mixing Traffic

O'Prueba also support test cases design service for:​

  • Bid Testing and Verification ​
  • ​​Field area testing and Verification.​
  • Test and Design for protocol conformance
    • OpenFlow​
    • ONIE​
    • EVPN​
    • L2 Protocol​
    • L3 Protocol​

Test Service Flow

Test Service Flow