Commissioned Research Introduction

The research team of O'Prueba Technology Inc. has accumulated research experience from National Chiao Tung University, and provides relevant research and PoC development on the forward-looking technology of network and communication area.

The service items include:

  • Prospective technology Research and Investigation
  • International Standard Organization Participation and Standardization
  • Patent entrusted layout and planning
  • Education and training courses, technology sharing and exchange
  • Project consultant, technical guidance

The participation projects in the past five years includes:

5G vertical application service assurance, field test verification and tool development, 5G multi-interface network attack analysis, 5G system verification, 5G vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, cyber security protection, cyber security standards and threat analysis, cyber security technology trends research and analysis, cyber security function curriculum arrangement, efficiency energy measurement system, P4 switch test methodologies, open source NOS test methodologies, 4G UE/RRH emulator development, SDN switch performance test and international standard formulation, etc.