ORANge 自研發到場域、從功能到應用,提供全方位的行動網路測試解決方案

Interoperability test

ORANge interoperability test suite is designed for ensuring user’s product can interact with the whole 5G system normally. Our interoperability test module provides a complete 5G emulated system, user can check the interoperability between product and the system rather than between units. Furthermore, ORANge support standard compliance analysis of each standard interface, make user easily understand how much the product meets the standard connection on specific interface.


Test case

  • Control plane connectivity
    • Core network
    • RAN
    • UE/mMTC
  • User Plane connectivity
    • Applications
    • MEC apps
  • Network slicing connectivity

Standard compliance

  • 3GPP Rel 15
  • ORAN

Various interfaces

  • N1 OTA interface
  • NG backhaul interface
  • F1 interface
  • ORAN Fronthaul

Various components

  • UE/mMTC
  • gNB
  • RU/DU/CU
  • Core network

Performance test


 “How good this product is?” is always a big question to every user. ORANge aims to answer the question from user’s aspect with our build-in performance test suite. Not only the technical performance of single component, we focus on overall system performance which is a user really needs. With ORANge performance test report, users know the performance they will experience from application level which is actually close to user’s feeling.

Test case

  • System capacity (UE/mMTC)
  • Single RAN capacity (UE/mMTC)
  • End-to-end application user experience
    • Pre-defined application
    • User-defined application
  • Latency measurement
    • End-to-end traffic
    • MEC application traffic
  • System overloading stress test

Maximum UEs/mMTCs

  • 5K/50K (Wired)
  • 64/64 (per SDR)

Maximum Throughputs

  • 1Gbps/ per wired UE
  • 40Gbps/ per server

Application Traffic

  • 10+ pre-defined traffic
  • Custom traffic
  • Support MEC apps

Security test

 Although 5G is more secure than other radio technologies, there are still security issues exist. “How safe my 5G network is?” still remains a big question in user’s mind. ORANge collects attacking methods as build-in security test cases from different aspects like protocol, air interface, core network and roaming. In addition, ORANge also provides test cases which generate malicious UEs, gNBs, and core network components with abnormal behavior and tries to dig out security problems under non-standard behavior. With ORANge test suites, user’s can exmine whether the 5G system can resist security attack and keep user safe.


Test case

  • Security Assurance
    • Integrity
    • Cipher
    • Replay
  • EPC AAA security
  • Roaming security
  • OTA interface security

Security functions

  • Snow3G, AES, ZUC
  • Custom algorithm


  • Malicious UEs
  • Malicious gNBs
  • Malicious core network components


  • 5G protocol exploit
  • Air interface exploit
  • Core network exploit
  • Roaming exploit