ORANge 自研發到場域、從功能到應用,提供全方位的行動網路測試解決方案

Middle-Man OTA Analyzer


For 5G protocol testing, standard compliant auditing, and product developing, users need an analytic solution which can analyze the behavior, connections, and protocol messages between UE and 5G system over-the-air in real environments. ORANge Analyzer is a powerful 4G/5G real-time protocol analyzer with man-in-the-middle architecture, users only need to configure ORANge Analyzer and place the analyzer beside UEs, it can start to monitor the interactions between UE and 5G system. ORANge Analyzer provides a web GUI makes user configure the analyzer more easily and understand what really happened during the sniffed connections in real time. Furthermore, ORANge Analyzer can be used for developing a new customized features or robustness test by spoofing the message contents in real time.



  • Users do not need to inspect each message manually. We analyze errors automatically.
  • With this easy-to-use analyzer, only basic domain knowledge needed for testing.